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One gets life only once and that should be lived to its fullest and never thrown to dogs for any reason


    Pankaj Kurulkar

    Kurulkar was born in Mumbai (to which he is very much attached) on the 10th of September 1962. He is the youngest of three, the elder two being sisters. His father Late Vidyadhar Kurulkar (who retired as a joint director of the language department in Govt. of Maharashtra) was a very intelligent person and was responsible for Kurulkar’s passion for reading. His mother, Late Mrs. Prathibha Kurulkar, was a lady with great fervour for life, a great struggler and very optimistic. Her ardent love and absolute dedication to Kurulkar helped him survive the tumultuous life. Kurulkar strongly believes that his mother’s adamancy to shift from Aurangabad to Mumbai changed his life for better and proved to be the turning point in their lives. His elder sisters, Jyoti & Swati too shared their mother’s love & dedication towards their kid brother. This intense and strong family bonding helped them to survive all kinds of adverse situations, financial, medical, relational which were present throughout Kurulkar’s childhood.

    One of the principles of psychology says that a man is the result of what he faces, understands and assimilates in life from age 6 to 16. Kurulkar had to live all kinds of dark sides of life during this period. His profound sensitivity, absorbed all of this and developed a strong sense of recognizing true colours of human nature and formed a very unique, mature and visionary philosophy of life. He developed a very sharp sense of independence, ethics, truthfulness, self respect, positivity, rationality and practicality.

    Thus he developed two sides in his personality. One that of a serious thinker, philosopher. He became a student of intricacies of human nature (mind). The other that of a practical, positive, happy, strong-willed leader-like disciplined personality and so emerged a very unique person. A sensitive writer and a successful businessman. There are many sensitive writers and there are many successful businessmen. However the combination of the two exists probably only in Kurulkar. He started both his careers at the same time and has progressed successfully in both.

    Kurulkar is very disciplined and devotes his time to his family, writing and business equally. He does not allow himself any whims or moods which are otherwise very typical of writers. He adores his dog Belthor (a Labrador) and his fish in the aquarium. He loves to give happiness to his extended family and finds ways to do the same. He hates to miss his morning walks along the beach. He loves classical music and derives inspiration from it. His favourite heroes are Shri Krishna, Shivaji Maharaj and Sunil Gavaskar. He finds solace in Mukesh’s songs. He has a passion for life, his country and Marathi. His son studied in a Marathi Medium School as a matter of principle.

    His favorite philosophy : One gets life only once and that should be lived to its fullest and never thrown to dogs for any reason.

    Pankaj Kurulkar the writer

    Pankaj Kurulkar, a name to be reckoned with, when one thinks of contemporary literature in Marathi & English. If one wants to get to the core of any matter that is to be understood one will revel in reading Kurulkar's short stories. One will not find any elaborations, introductions, euphemisms or romanticism. The matter of the subject will be encountered directly matter of factly but with known and unknown depths of meaning and maturity. Yes! Every story of Kurulkar leaves one with a higher level of maturity and understanding.

    Reading Kurulkar's writing is like someone holding a mirror in front of you. The truth is freightening and at the same time fascinating due to its starkness. One feels like being punched in the stomach and a real hard punch at that. One gets a feeling of ones mind getting peeled of all the dressings, 'feel good' layers, hypocracies, euphemisms to ensure the real arc of human mind. The naked truth that is left behind is highly disturbing, enfuriating and shakening but at the same time it is enlightening and utterly difficult to ignore.

    Pankaj Kurulkar's story engulfs you right from the first sentence and then starts the roller coaster of eye opening emotions and in the end one is left gasping for breath. One cannot but admire the meaningful content and higher levels of understanding. One feels more mature.

    The style of Kurulkar is very simple and straight forward. One cannot miss its honesty and authenticity. The sentences are short and simple. No subject or character is taboo to him. He does not stick to any form. The content is very open and encompasses a larger horizon. He sees things always on a wider perspective and thus his stories are more with social implications and do not limit themselves to individual experience or problem. His style is so frank that it is shocking. It challenges the traditional expectations of literature. In that sense his stories are very modern, very realistic. He definitely succeeds in bringing one out of one's safe shell and makes one look at the world with open eyes and more understanding.

    Pankaj Kurulkar the businessman

    Pankaj Kurulkar,by profession,is an electronics engineer.Hefinished his studies in the year 1985. In the following six years he worked in six various organisations and finally in the year 1991 he started his own business in IT with zero penny in his wallet. The business grew in leaps and bounds and while at its peak, boasted of five hundred and fifty employees and several branches across India .It also had offices in the USA,Kuwait and Singapore.
    In 2016 he suffered two massive heart attacks within a span of forty days. Although he defied death, he had to quit business. Ever since he has become a full time writer.



    • Born in Mumbai, at famous Dr. Purandare’s
    • Date: 10th of September, 1962.
    • Youngest of three, two elder sisters, Jyoti and Swati.
    • Father: Late. Vidyadhar Kurulkar, retired as joint director in the language department of govt. of Maharashtra.
    • Mother: Late. Pratibha Kurulkar, house maker,Primary education and junior college in Aurangabad, college education in Mumbai.
    • Marriage: Married in 1989, wife’s name Manjushree, a dentist. One son Chinar (1990).


    • School and Junior College in Aurangabad, Maharashtra. INDIA
    • College Education: B.Sc. from Ruparel College Mumbai (1982),B.Tech from Watumal College of Engineering, Mumbai(1984).


    • Service in Different Companies for Seven years.
    • Started Business in Computer Hardware in the year 1991 under the name "Alphabetics Computer Services Pvt. Ltd".
    • He was on Board of Directors of "Genovate Solutions Pune Pvt. Ltd" an exclusive SAP training center at Pune.
    • Launched India’s First Mobile Book Shop in August 2008 under the name "Granthayan".
    • Launched India’s First Educational Tablet PC in July 2012 called "TabGuru".
    • Company Turnover: Rs. 650 million during peak time. Best Indian/Asian OEM Partner for consecutive 3 years & was invited in Srilanka and Shanghai Summit by Microsoft.


    • Started writing since 1984.
    • Number of Books Published: 18
    • Rat-race published in 1989 by Shri Vidhya Prakashan (Pune).
    • Diary published in 1996 by Majestic Prakashan (Mumbai).
    • Tamaso ma.... published in 2001 by Rajhans Prakashan (Pune).
    • Saki:bar and restaurant published in 2002 by Majestic Prakashan(Mumbai).
    • Anadi Anant published in 2005 by Pratik Prakashan (Pune).
    • Jungle published in 2006 by Dimple Prakashan (Mumbai).
    • Andharachya Daahi Disha - published in 2008 by Madhura Prakashan(Mumbai).
    • Chirantan Dukhache Strot - published in 2008 by Navchetanya Prakashan (Mumbai).
    • Global - English - published in 2008 by Chimpunka publishing (London).
    • Dead End - 2009 - published in 2009 by Granthayan Prakashan (Mumbai).
    • "The Truth" published in 2016 by Academic Exellence (New Delhi)
    • "Kalokhlela Aasmant" published in 2016 by Deshmukh & company (Pune)
    • "Anaadianant" (hindi) 2018
    • "Tamaso ma" (hindi)2018
    • "The Sun Shines Again" (english)2018
    • "The Eternal" (2018)
    • "The Jungle" (2018)
    • "Shadows of Death" (2018)
    • "Cautha Stambha" (2020)

    Awards Won and Additional Achievement

    Awards Won

    • Maharashtra Shasan Puraskar: Best short story writer for the year 1996 in Marathi for his book "Diary".
    • S.D. Panwalkar Puraskar from Sangli in the year 1997 for the book "Diary".
    • S.D. Panwalkar Puraskar from Sangli in the year 2000 for the book "Saki: Bar & Restaurant".
    • Rajendra Banhatti Puraskar by Pune Marathi Granthalaya, in the year 2001, for the book "Saki: Bar & Restaurant".
    • Nashik Sarvajanik Vachanalaya Puraskar in the year 2003.
    • Best short story of the year 2006 award given by Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad for the story "The Road".
    • Apte Vachanmandir Puraskar from Ichalkaranji in the year 2009-2010 for the book "Dead End".
    • Best short story award from Rotary Club of Pune for Novella "2025" published in Prapanch Diwali Magazine 2012

    Additional Achievement

    • Produced Marathi play called Manomilan in the month of Oct. 06. The star cast includes Ashok Saraf, Shweta Shinde etc.
    • He is the first Marathi author to get published from England. He is one of the rare authors to get published in three different languages simultaneously.

    Reader's View

    Suresh Dole
    "आदरणीय महोदय सादर हरि स्मरण.कदंब मासिकाच्या दिवाळी..."
    Dilip Survade
    "श्री. पंकज कुरुलकर, यांसी, स. न. आपली साधनातील हृदयकथा..."
    Chandrakant Purandare
    "श्री. पंकज कुरुलकर, स. न. आपल्या कथा मला खूप आवडतात...."
    Suresh Dole
    "आदरणीय महोदय सादर हरि स्मरण.श्री दीपलक्ष्मीच्या दिवाळी..."
    Kishor Tare
    "सादर प्रणाम, देवापुढे फुले ठेवण्यात मनातली भावनाच मोठी असते..."
    Suryakant Mutha
    "श्री. पंकज कुरुलकर स. न. वि. वि. आपली 'जंगल' कादंबरी..."
    Suresh Dole
    "आदरणीय महोदय सादर हरि स्मरण.धनंजय मासिकाच्या दिवाळी..."
    Vishnu Bakre
    "श्री. पंकज कुरुलकर यांस स. न. वि. वि. आपली श्री दीपलक्ष्मी..."
    Suresh Dole
    "आदरणीय महोदय सादर हरि स्मरण. श्री दीपलक्ष्मी..."
    Suresh Dole
    "आदरणीय महोदय सादर हरि स्मरण.मासिकाच्या दिवाळी अंक २००७..."


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